Mobilize Monday: So What They ‘Marched’

wecanonlineMobilize Monday

Yesterday a small group of white supremacists marched in Washington to ‘celebrate’ the anniversary of their protest in Charlottesville that left Heather Heyer dead and many others injured. No doubt many of you are struggling with the deep belief that we all have the right to free speech, against your rage that those people can gather to demonstrate their racist views. If the white supremacist groups were only talking, maybe we could all look the other way. However, their words are inciting violence and have led to actual harm against the people they hate.

There is a reason why the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled them hate groups. In 2017 white supremacist groups were responsible for more domestic-extremists killings than any other group. These are very troubling times in the United States. Sisters, we must demand that elected officials use the power we gave them when we elected them to stop the regression of America’s moral center back to a time where being a woman or person of color was like walking around with a target on your chest. We must all work together to stop the proliferation of hate groups in America.

From Southern Poverty Law Center

When I read the paper, watch cable news shows or scroll through my Facebook feed I am bombarded with myriad ways that hate is seemingly winning the battle for the heart of our nation. Most of the time I’m upset with the current administration’s persistent attacks on people of color, poor people and most Americans wanting for a government that will help them to realize a portion of the American dream. Making America Great Again is code for a set of behaviors that are doing anything but making America great. Today’s brand of hate has given birth to:

  • Wide-spread state-sanctioned violence against people of color; especially Black men, women and children.
  • The continuous shredding of the civil rights that do make America great.
  • Misguided hatred for immigrants.
  • The callous and insensitive way that some men talk about women.
  • The apathetic and destructive approach to policymaking that could help children, the poor and the uninsured.

I could go on and on. If anger isn’t the appropriate emotion to what is taking place in American society today, I don’t know what is.

However, somehow, we must transcend our anger and fight to save our democracy. On this Mobilize Monday, WE CAN asks you to invest in the fight for freedom for ALL Americans in two ways.

  1. Help WE CAN reach more women of color and allies. Share this post on your Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @womensequity. Help us get 1,000 new followers by August 31st!
  2. Check to see what your Members of Congress had to say about the rally in DC. If your elected officials are silent in the face of hate, let them know their silence will not be tolerated. Remind them that you expect them to be vocal advocates AGAINST hate.

The last report I heard indicated that only a small number of white supremacists showed up at the rally in DC. However, we cannot be complacent. Let us remain vigilant and drive white supremacists and other dangerous people back underground. Hate CANNOT win the war for the soul of America. Sisters, we have the POWER to change our communities. Join with WE CAN to amplify our voices and put these hate groups to shame!

Yours in the Struggle,

Stephanie McGencey
Founder and President