Mobilize Monday: Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

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This past week I had a family member tell me that he has grown weary of all my postings about the current president on my personal Facebook page. He lamented that we get enough of the negativity on tv, so why must I persist and post on my personal Facebook page? I took a quick look and yes there was a lot of stuff about the president, as well as laughing babies, sports news, local events and other entertainment news.

Admittedly, I was initially taken aback, but I then realized that even the most enlightened among us grow weary of all Trump, all the time, on every news outlet. But isn’t that how the ‘enemy’ wins the battle and the war? They wear you down and eventually, you give up and stop fighting. The enemy uses research that says if you repeat the same thing over and over again that eventually, you start to believe it is true!

Throwing in the towel or turning off the channel and not paying attention to what is going on is exactly what we can’t afford to do right now! We need to quadruple our individual and collective efforts to preach to the choir, the pew and the ‘unchurched’ about the dangerous actions of the current administration.

We MUST keep posting, tweeting, calling, writing, marching, voting, and otherwise RESISTING all of the people leading efforts that are harmful to women of color, our families and communities!

Three Steps You Can Take Today to Resist!

  1. Confirm your voter registration status and the status of every adult you know.
  2. Learn about the candidates running for local, state and national office at Ballotpedia.
  3. Share what you learn with your family, friends, co-workers, sorority sisters, women’s ministry members, hair stylist, nail technician, grocery store clerk, pharmacy technician, and anyone else who tells you that elections don’t matter.

We have 106 days until the November mid-term election. Don’t give up! Keep fighting? RESIST!

Yours in the Struggle,


Founder and President