Representing yourself, your issue and your organization well is critical to gaining support and achieving your mission. Perfect Pitch University™ is designed to help you build skills and strengthen your leader voice to be the most effective advocate you can be!

Participants in Perfect Pitch University™ will learn how to:

  • Construct powerful and compelling narratives (messages) about your work and its relevance in your community and to specific target audiences.
  • Demonstrate executive presence and confidence in a broad range of interview and broadcast settings.
  • Manage crisis communications situations in print, electronic and social media.
  • Present your issue(s) in a compelling way to educate grassroots and grasstops constituencies.
  • Represent your organization and your mission to grow your support and engagement.

Perfect Pitch University™ will be offered in three parts:

  1. Perfect Pitch YOU – focusing on building or strengthening your personal brand and leader voice.
  2. Perfect Pitch ISSUES – focusing on how to present data and nuance about your issue(s) in ways that build public support and interest.
  3. Perfect Pitch ORGANIZATION – focusing on the ‘elevator’ speech for your organization to reach your desired target audience.

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See YOU in Perfect Pitch!