Mobilize Monday: Get Ready, Part 1

wecanonlineMobilize Monday

The United States House of Representatives is likely to reconvene on January 3, 2019. Sisters, this means you have about 17 days to take note of who your Congressperson is and plan your strategy for building (or strengthening) your relationship.

The 116th Congress of the United States has a lot to do. They will be making very important decisions about health care, the economy, criminal justice, the environment, and what to do about the current administration’s lack of appreciation for the rule of law.

You cannot allow these debates to go on without the benefit of your knowledge and opinion! Let me say that again. NOTHING SHOULD HAPPEN ON CAPITOL HILL WITHOUT YOUR INPUT!

Culture Trip/Remy Millar – Downloaded 12/17/18

For sure, we may not get everything we want. However, if we call, write, or visit, we are on record with our Congressperson about what we expect him/her to do.

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!” ― Maya Angelou

Because I know many of you are still trying to get all your holiday ‘work’ done, today’s Mobilize Monday is even easier than the others.

All you have to do today is copy the link below to your calendar, and on January 2nd after you somehow manage to get everyone out of the house or just take a minute to sit down, you can look up your Congressperson. WE CAN will remind you to check out who will be representing you for the next 2 years.

Paste to your January 2nd Calendar –

In the meantime, enjoy your holiday! WE CAN will be taking a break and not posting a Mobilize Monday call to action for the next 2 weeks, but when we return on January 7th, we hope you are ready to hit the ground running!


Happy Holidays!

Stephanie McGencey

Founder and President