Mobilize Monday: From Rage to Power

wecanonlineMobilize Monday

I am angry. I have tried for a week to calm down about how the greatest female tennis player of all time-Serena Williams-is being vilified in the media because she dared to stand up for herself. I can’t believe how dysfunctional the United States Congress is—especially the Senate refusing to give Judge Kavanaugh’s records a full review before appointing him to the Supreme Court. I just don’t understand how a Black man can be MURDERED by a white police officer in his own home, only to have his character maligned in death. I have had just about enough of elected officials treating my tax dollars like a piggy bank for the wealthy while planning to cut funding to support the poor, elderly and disabled. I am enraged that thousands of immigrant children still have not been reunited with their families. And don’t get me started about the current occupant of the White House and his daily attacks on civility and decency.

Are you upset too? One thing I know for sure, if anger isn’t an appropriate emotion to what is taking place in society today, I don’t know what is. I think we are right to feel anger about the state of our world today.

Minister Doris Moreland Jones said, “Anger is not the opposite of love, for the opposite of love is indifference. To be angry is to care tremendously. It is a signal that your caring extends beyond polite conversation, and that you are willing to risk a confrontation to share how you feel.” My anger has definitely reached beyond polite conversation and I am ready to confront the so-called powers that be and challenge their reckless abandonment of civil rights, the rule of law, civility and plain old human decency. Even with all that is going on right now, we cannot give up hope.

I am sick to death of waiting for policymakers to act in our best interest. I am so over the malicious neglect of the 1% to the plight of the poor and underserved. I am done allowing my vote to be taken for granted by the left and ignored by the right. I am ready to use my anger as fuel for a stronger, focused and relentless MOVEMENT for equity for all women of color. I started the Women’s Equity Center and Action Network (WE CAN) to provide a space for women of color to come together and raise our collective voices against all forces who seek to marginalize our existence.

I think our movement for equity will be most effective when we fully understand and live into our power. We must take our anger, love, compassion, intelligence, resourcefulness, creativity, and passion and turn it into ACTION!

That’s why WE CAN produces these Mobilize Monday posts. To give you one clear way to channel your anger or whatever emotion you are feeling to a concrete action. If more of us take the action each week, little by little, step by step, WE CAN start to change things!

Today’s call to action is to support at least 1 sister running for office. Skip the tall venti carmel macchiato (or whatever your coffee flava) just two days and send at least $10 to the candidate of your choice. To change what is happening in city councils, state houses and the United States Congress, we must change who represents us! Use any one of the following links to find the candidate in the race near you.

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Hope springs eternal in each of us! As long as we have breath and a voice, we must use it to fight for our freedom, equity and justice!

Yours in the Struggle,

Stephanie McGencey

Founder and President