Mobilize Monday: Focus on the Future

wecanonlineMobilize Monday


If you have been mainlining the news and are totally overloaded with news of coronavirus, quarantines, financial market collapse, and other ‘end times’ challenges we’re facing, rest assured you are not alone. I know that some of you cannot yet quarantine and stay at home, but if you can, please do STAY HOME. If you can’t stay home, wash your hands every chance you get and try really hard not to touch your face.

During this incredibly crazy time, you may not feel like there is much you can do to, but today, WE CAN offers a few things to help us all get through this difficult time.

Take a Break!

I encourage each of you to take a break from the news and have some fun, laugh, make love, watch your favorite movies, sleep, or whatever makes you happy. Apply this strategy generously and often!

Write to your United States Senator TODAY!

The House of Representatives passed a coronavirus bill that provides free coronavirus testing, paid sick leave, and other benefits that those living on a financial margin will need to survive during this crisis. The United States Senate comes back to work today and they need to hear from us that we expect them to pass a bill that provides critical support to those in need.

Be gentle with yourself and KNOW that WE CAN and we will survive this challenge!


Stephanie McGencey, WE CAN President and Founder