Democracy for the Win!

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Some of you may be feeling anxious about the election on Tuesday. I can’t tell you not to feel anxiety. There is too much at stake and if you have any compassion and intelligence, this election is likely triggering anxiety and a host of other emotions.

Do your best to redirect your anxiety. Practice radical self-care. Read this post about the importance of rest. Tap out for a few hours/days and let others carry the water. Reach out for help. But, please don’t suffer in silence. Shout, chant, and plan!

What your heart and mind are telling you about this election is true. Our choice is not about who we vote for in this election. Our choice is about what kind of country do we want to live in.

Our choice is between a real democracy and authoritarianism. Authoritarianism is a big word that simply means an elite group of people has the power to make the decisions for the entire population. Some have described our current form of government as an authoritarian democracy that can further erode the power of the people.

Let’s show the folks who think we are asleep at the wheel what real democracy looks like on election day and beyond! Real democracy is watching what elected officials do in between elections. Real democracy is getting smart on an issue and joining with others who are smart on other issues. Real democracy is giving elected officials a run for their money in between elections and educating them about your issues and joining with them to create solutions.

I know you are exhausted. That scene from last week’s episode of This Is Us where Randall tells Kate how exhausted he is and then leaves, had me crying and shouting at the same time. But we must continue the work we started and get closer to the finish line and clean up the mess 45 has made of our country.

For today’s Mobilize Monday, complete the quick poll to share where you plan to start! What’s at the top of your fix it list? Pick one (or more because damn there are a lot of things that need fixing) thing you’re going to get crazy smart about and that you want to get others involved in fixing.

Then form an Action Team to work on that issue with you after the election.

Click HERE to join or create an Action Team! Between now and Inauguration Day, WE CAN will offer training and other support to help you get off to a good start advocating for the change you want to see in your community and in our country. It is literally up to us.

On Election Day, join WE CAN and several other organizations for Solidarity 2020! From polls opening on the East Coast to polls closing on the West Coast, we’ll be live spreading joy and peace as we watch the returns. Join the community of sisters and brothers standing for justice, peace, freedom, and solidarity on Election Day!

In solidarity,

Stephanie McGencey, WE CAN Founder