Congress Plan for MORE Relief in the New Year!

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The numbers of folks in the U.S. who are struggling right now is staggering. It takes my breath away and makes me very angry that 26 million Americans do not know where their next meal is coming from, and about 17 million children are food insecure.

Another 40 million people are at risk of eviction once the moratorium on evictions expires at the end of 2020. We cannot forget the nearly 11 million unemployed Americans, some of whom have lost their jobs and health insurance. So, in the middle of a pandemic, MILLIONS of our brothers and sisters face hunger, homelessness, and death in the middle of a pandemic.

We. MUST. Do. Better!

Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer announced a compromise deal yesterday that will give most Americans another $600 relief check, extend $300 in Federal unemployment benefits beginning in a week or so, and offer additional support for small business owners. There are other parts of the bill that turn my stomach, including more aid to big businesses.

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As you begin your Christmas celebrations with your families and friends, please commit to using your power in 2021. In January, be prepared to contact your U.S. Representatives and Senators to acknowledge their efforts to support Americans and let them know you expect them to do MORE. They need to know the $600 aid offered in December is a DOWN PAYMENT towards what is required to help struggling Americans.

Together WE CAN continue to make a difference!

If you can, please donate to Feeding America. Every dollar helps!

In solidarity,

Stephanie McGencey, WE CAN Founder and President